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Ayurvedic Cooking Workshop

Saturday 17 June 2023 - 14.00-18.30
Price 50 euros

Ayurveda means “the science of life” and these principles for natural healing originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. In this workshop, we will start with an introduction to Ayurveda and more specifically to the Vedic kitchen (the traditional food of the yogis from Ancient India). We will learn about the “six tastes”, how to improve and boost our digestion using herbs and spices and how to balance a meal, eating plant-based proteins as substitutes for meat, and the health benefits of spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, curcuma, cardamom etc.

After the introduction talk, we will cook a festive traditional Vedic meal together using fresh, local, organic produce. These dishes will be vegetarian and vegan and will not be too spicy so suitable for all tastes.

Menu for cooking workshop:

  • Kitchari a traditional dish based on split mung beans and Basmati rice that can also be used as a detox diet but is very tasty and satisfying
  • Pudla savoury pancakes based on roasted chickpea flour and vegetables
  • Chutney a dish of cooked vegetables or fruits. We will be cooking a tomato chutney but an extra option could be apricot, apple, or another seasonal fruits
  • Alu Sak a dish of spicy potatoes and spinach
  • Coconut barfi a tasty sweetness from almond flour, nuts, roasted coconut and rosewater
  • Lassi a traditional drink from India based on yoghurt, and/or chai, India’s spicy tea


50 euros (including Ayurvedic meal, cooking workshop and recipes)
160 euros (option with overnight accommodation on Saturday and breakfast included)

The Team

Tanja Wendelgelst @tanjawendelgest – Yin yoga teacher, lifestyle coach

As a certified lifestyle coach, Tanja has been educated in nutrition according to western standards. In the past few years she has fallen in love with the many flavours and colours of Ayurvedic food and its many benefits to physical and emotional health. Tanja’s passion is to help people find a healthy way to nourish their body and mind with easy-to-prepare, plant-based foods.

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