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Introduction to Qigong Practice for Well-Being

Sunday 2 April 2023 - 10.00-12.00
Cost 20 euro

Qigong, pronounced “chi gong” was developed in China thousands of years ago as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s a system of exercises, meditation and healing practices which work with body, mind, and breath to optimize energy flow and overall health. Join certified Qigong instructor Charity Kahn for a two-hour workshop exploring the practice and benefits of Qigong for physical and mental well-being. We’ll learn about the foundational principles of Qigong, and practice various Qigong exercises which support grounding, balancing of energy, and the release of blocks and tension. Charity will also teach a simple practice you can take home with you and integrate into your daily routine. You’ll leave with an increased sense of peace, relaxation and joy. Dress comfortably for gentle movement.

The Team

Charity Kahn @charitykahn - Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Charity Kahn is a Certified Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher from California, USA and is planning a move to Central Portugal in the next couple of years. She believes in the power of movement and mindfulness to heal, inspire, and awaken. She’s also the founder of the award-winning music group, “Charity and the JAMband”, sharing music, dance and mindfulness with people of all ages through her beloved classes, camps, concerts and recordings for over two decades. Charity also shares a passion for climate awareness and food justice via her projects The Invisible Bee and The Vegan Journey.
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