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Medicinal Herbal Workshop

Saturday, 14 October 2023
Price 60 euros

On Saturday 14 October Quinta do Areal will be hosting a workshop led by herbalist and teacher Victoria Iles. Victoria has designed a medicinal garden for the farm and will be installing it over the weekend of 14-15 October. As well as talking about the medicinal plants chosen for the garden, Victoria will share some of the healing and edible potential of some familiar roots and berries. In the Autumn, the active parts of plants descend into the roots and the tougher parts of the plant to be stored over the winter months. We will be looking at ways to extract these useful components and what we can do with them.

In the morning there will be a tour of the herbal garden and explanations about the uses of each of the chosen medicinal herbs. You will assist in planting out some of the plants and we will look at best planting practices.

In the afternoon we will talk about the general structure and health benefits of roots and berries, and look in more closely at some common ones. We will then make a tincture to boost the immune system with “Echinacea purpura”. And create a “flu bomb” to increase resistance to coughs and colds.


60 euros – day workshop including refreshments and vegetarian lunch. Overnight accommodation is available at extra cost.

The Team

Victoria Iles @jardimdartemisia - Herbalist & Teacher

Victoria is a certified herbalist, (University Paris XIII) gardener and teacher. Born in Devon in the UK she lived and worked in the Pyrenees for 27 years, where she cultivated and harvested in the wild a variety of medicinal plants. She formulates infusions, tinctures and salves and distills essential oils on an experimental basis. Following on from her experiences she now likes to design medicinal herb gardens for others, enabling them to regain sovereignty over their personal health and to promote a natural and holistic approach to self care.

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