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Places to Visit

Places to Visit

Lousã is a unique place for nature lovers, with beautiful natural landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and river beaches where you can observe deer, wild boar and other wild animals in their natural habitat. The area is a well-known destination for sporting activities such as mountain biking, trail running, trekking, hiking and kayaking (as well as yoga). Also, right on our doorstep are the magical Schist Villages (Aldeias de Xisto) to explore, a castle to visit and a lot of history to discover. Roam a little further and visit the beautiful cities of Coimbra (30 minutes), Porto or Lisbon (1 hour 30 minutes) to name just a few.

The hills of Lousã are perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and trail running. It is possible to organize guided walks with experienced local guides.

A castle in the Serra, hidden among trees. Also known as Arouce Castle, it is a classified National Monument, located 2 kilometres from the municipality of Lousã. It was built in the second half of the 11th century, on the right margin of the River Arouce, to control the southern accesses to Coimbra.

Most of the river beaches in this area are in protected zones and the clean, mountain water is of good quality for swimming, receiving several awards every year.
Close to the Castle you can find Praia Fluvial da Senhora da Piedade, with two natural swimming pools and a small waterfall. The beach area has a bar with a terrace and a well-known restaurant, called “Burgo” with a panoramic view.
Praia Fluvial da Bogueira is another river beach located in the Lousã area, in Casal de Ermio. Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, and lawns for sunbathing. It is possible to dive in the clear water of Ceira River. It has a picnic area and a terrace bar.
Praia Fluvial da Senhora de Graça, near Serpins, has a large area for sunbathing, a bar area and riverside walks.
Cabril do Ceira, near Serpins, is a hidden treasure. Only accessible via a rough road and with no infrastructure, here you can swim in a stretch of the Ceira river running through a stunning gorge or dive from the rocks into a deep, natural pool.

Hidden between mountain slopes of leafy vegetation, the schist villages are one of the best-kept secrets.
They’re called schist villages because this is the stone used in the construction of houses and for paving the narrow winding streets, which is abundant in the region.
Until relatively recently, the villages had been abandoned as the younger inhabitants migrated to towns with job prospects and the elderly population gradually passed away.
Each village has its own personality but the most iconic are: Talasnal, Cerdeira and Candal.
Much of their charm is in the pure nature that you can discover on foot following the “Schist path”.

In an age of speed, take time to slow down

Come visit us at our traditional quinta in the green hills of Central Portugal and enjoy living at a slower pace. Our friends and guests can embrace the joy of living in a simple way, close to nature and reconnect to simple pleasures – home-grown food, beautiful countryside, good companions and a reminder that life is beautiful.

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