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Shamanic Event – Sound Sensations Journey 2024

Saturday, 4 May 2024
Price 25 euros

We offer you a Sound Sensations Journey, in full contact with nature, at the end of the day, to the sound of Ancestral instruments at Quinta do Areal – Shamanic Drums, Didgiridoos, Gongs and Indian Harmonium and much more. The Ancestrality of sound that will reconnect us with the Energy of Mother Earth, with the Great Spirit, to the sound of Shamanic Drums, Didgeridoo, Gongs that emit a strong vibration, giving a feeling of strength and empowerment, both to those who play them but above all to those who listen to them and allow themselves to receive the vibrational frequency of these Ancestral Instruments, which will echo through the surrounding nature.

Join us in this sound experience, in a magical place (2nd edition at Quinta do Areal!), in contact with nature, and enjoy an unforgettable saturday afternoon.


25 euros. There will be tea and time to share experiences, at the end of the event.

The Team

Luísa Alves @luisa.alves.75033 - Yoga Instructor

Yoga practitioner since 2010 and Integral Yoga Instructor since 2013, Luísa organizes meditative events and sound trips since 2015. She is trained in several levels of Shamanism, Reiki, Meditative Practices, Energy and Multidimensional Therapies, knowledge that she uses in individual therapies, shamanic journeys and meditative practices in group.

Gregg Chapman @vgregg.chapman - Didgeridoo Sound Healer, Coach and Spiritual Teacher

Born in Australia, Gregg plays the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo for around 18 years.  His purpose it to «take you on an inner journey, to connect with and sing up your songline using genuine Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoos and dreamtime creation storytelling.» Gregg is working with a neuro scientist and together they are proving how the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo helps to boost oxygen levels in the blood and improves the immune system. «This is indeed one of the most ancient forms of healing on the planet and has a profound impact on all levels.»

Rui Brito @sonsdeluz - Sound Therapist

Rui started his path through therapies in 2005, throught various training courses, from Reiki to Shiatsu, from Fasciatherapy to Ayurveda, among others. In 2015, while participating in a meditation session, another new passion emerged, the “Sound” and since then he has never stopped using instruments such as Gongs, Drums, Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Bowls.

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