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Tension Relief: Myofascial Release with Therapy Balls

Saturday March 25 2023 - 15.00-18.00
Cost 30 euro

Do you suffer from any of these?
Body aches and pains, unexplained tension and stiffness, muscle soreness or low range of movement.

Did you know you can manage and care for them yourself?
With the use of myofascial therapy balls you can increase pliability and hydration of our body’s fascia by applying various amounts of ball pressure, rolling over specific areas in a certain way. We do this to relieve body aches, pains, tension and stiffness. You can tailor this practice to your body’s needs and have complete control over the process, choosing to do less or more according to how you feel.

In this workshop we will start at the head and neck and travel down your body methodically to release body tension or discomfort. Even if you are pain-free this workshop will help you develop a self-care routine to live better in your body and prevent or manage future issues.

As a stand alone system or an adjunct to other fitness modalities, myofascial release focuses on bringing back pliability and hydration to the elastic type connective tissue that wraps most structures in the body. When there is restriction for whatever reason it can affect our quality of life. Self myofascial massage is a medication-free way to finding relief and it’s a useful self-care tool at any time.

Releasing tension in your fascia can improve your range of motion, help with muscle soreness, help you feel relaxed, improve circulation, release tension knots and even stress. This is not a prescriptive practice but the benefits of myofascial release are well known and can be used to relieve headaches, tech neck, restricted hips and hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, TMJ\tight jaw, sciatica, back pain and more.

No yoga experience is necessary but for those that practice yoga there will be a few poses for reference points.

The Team

Justine Farnworth @sweetyoga_justine

Justine started yoga as a new year’s resolution in January 2000 and it wasn’t long before she was in a teacher training programme at Yoga Campus, London, 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher. Justine also became an Advanced Restorative Trainer® with Judith Lasater after studying with her for a decade. Her interests in yoga as a therapeutic tool lead her to become an Integrative Yoga Therapeutics teacher with Bo Forbes and Trauma Informed with The Yoga Clinic UK. In 2022 Justine completed Yoga Anatomy: Principles training with Leslie Kaminoff and is studying Yoga Anatomy: Practices. She has completed 400+hrs of additional Continued Professional Development. Justine believes the journey to a pose takes many forms and it’s a tool for deeper understanding of yourself and what surrounds you. She teaches practices that help you engage with your body to discover its innate wisdom.
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